A HEALTH and fitness enthusiast from Paganhill has set up a bodybuilding supplements company.

Brad Pugh has been involved in training and dieting for 10 years and decided to set up and run his own business, Pugh’s Supplements.

As well as providing vitamin supplements for customers, Brad gives people advice for what specific supplements cyclists or runners might need.

Commenting on his start up Brad said: “I have had a massive demand since I started the business.

“I have long been thinking I should channel this enthusiasm into something I am very passionate about.”

For now Brad is based at out of his home to keep his overheads down. The His company is internet-based and he launched his website on Monday, March 9.

So far, Brad’s 40-strong client base has come from his friends and from people he knows at gyms in Stroud.

“I enjoy helping customers pick the correct supplements for their lifestyle, hobby or sport to help them achieve their goals.

“It’s great when I receive feedback from those that I’ve helped saying how it’s worked for them and helped them achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle,” he said.