HOMEOWNERS could pocket up to £1,500 every year thanks to the services of a new Stroud-based solar panel installations firm.

Adi’s Solar Ltd is the brainchild of pioneering renewable energy champion Adrian Lawton, whose previous green business ventures have bagged him a host of awards.

These include a biodiesel-ran bus company, which operated 13 routes across the Five Valleys at its peak, and Stroud Biodiesel Club, which allows motorists to refuel at dozens of designated pumps across the UK.

He also made national news when he briefly operated England’s first electric taxi in Stroud.

Now he has turned his attention to the domestic installation of both electricity-generating and hot water-producing solar panels.

The first of these are electrical photovoltaic systems (PV), which, among other advantages, will reduce a home’s carbon footprint and increase its resale value.

An added incentive to switch to such renewable sources is the recently introduced Feed-in Tariff scheme (FIT), of which Adi is an accredited installer.

This requires energy firms to pay homeowners a fixed rate of return for all electricity generated by the panels for a guaranteed 25 years.

Further payments under the scheme, which is fixed in law and cannot be changed by successive governments, are also made for any additional electricity put back into the national grid.

Currently there are no similar incentives available for solar thermal (hot water) panels, although this is expected to change in April 2011 with the advent of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

"By virtue of the efficiency of running a small scale business, I think residents will find my quotes most competitive," said Adi, who has installed panels on his own home and is available to do free surveys.

"For a four kilowatt system which equates to about 18 panels – this will cost around £14,000 to install and achieves a saving of over £1,500 per year in a good south-facing orientation.

"It makes perfect sense, particularly for those on a fixed income such as a pension, because they are so susceptible to energy price rises and it guarantees them a fixed income for 25 years." For more information visit www.cotswold-solar.co.uk or call Adi on 01453 838 068.