IF New Year resolutions to get fit and lose weight are starting to become a distant memory, take heart from Rosemary Dillworth, from Gloucestershire Outdoor Group ‘By far the best way to keep active is to join a group and get outdoors.

We walk every Sunday, whatever the weather’ she says adding ‘and when it’s lighter evenings, we’re out on Thursday evenings too.’

Originally started in 1949, the group of keen walkers has always offered a range of outdoor activities and welcomes new members at any time of year.

‘We do tend to find more join in January though’ says Rosemary, ‘It might be down to a need to get out more after weeks of feeling stuck indoors.’

She does find that many people enjoy the group because of the warm welcome and the fact that membership is open to anyone who likes the outdoors and ‘going for a hearty walk’.

Over the last year, group members have clocked up over 500 miles, mostly on paths in Gloucestershire but weekends away also offer a chance to enjoy coastline or mountains.

‘The best thing about the group is that it is run by the members, for the member, which’ as Rosemary explains ’helps to keep our costs to a minimum and means that everyone gets a chance to take part in activities they like’.

Details of how to join can be found on the group’s website www.glosoutdoor.co.ukHYPERLINK or follow us on facebook www.facebook.com/glosoutdoor.