THERE were some very bemused looks when passers-by noticed people playing cards in the street near the farmers market last Saturday.

Was it a performance art installation?

Street theatre?

Or just fresh air freaks with nowhere else to play?

In fact, it was a promotion for Stroud Bridge Club's latest beginners course.

These evening classes start on Thursday, September 18 at the Imperial Hotel, Stroud at 7pm.

The club is offering the first lesson free ("try before you buy").

That way the curious can have a taster and find out more about the course before they need to decide whether to sign up for the first term.

You can simply turn up to the first lesson on the 18th, but if you want more information beforehand you can contact the teacher, Angelos by email at or by phone on 01453 450135.

Of course, it should be obvious from Saturday's stunt that bridge isn't just a fascinating game, but about having fun too.

Two of the players are existing students (Jo Bousfield and Chris Wilde).

Maybe some of the playfulness has rubbed off on them.

In case you're wondering, of course the dog doesn't play bridge.

However, we understand Jo is thinking of training Peggy the Yorkie to bark and warn her when she's about to overbid.