MUNCHOUS traditional British Cakes

AT THE Rosary Catholic Primary School there once again was the year six making their lovely traditional British cakes.

Before that the children asked questions of how to make and decorate them, some of the children were really excited to make the cake and some wanted to decorate the cake.

As the children went into the hall they couldn’t wait to start decorating the cakes.

They had previously made the cakes and then they all gathered in the hall to decorate each of their own as a class.

Imogen (Y6 pupil) stated "We’re having lots of fun but we don’t know if we will get it done in time or not".

Thankfully they got it done in time so on Tuesday the parents can have a good look at the amazing creations!

Also they had mince pie, tea and coffee so they had a lovely time and as they were baking they found parts a bit tricky Otis (Y6 pupil) explained "It took two weeks to make the actual cake and the decorating took an hour and a half ."

Some of the children did 3D decorating and some did 2D decorating.

In the middle of decorating the cakes all the children had a look at other people’s cakes to see on how they were doing.

When they had finished decorating some of the cheeky dinner ladies put edible glitter on the cakes, they wanted them to sparkle and stand out!

The school were extremely lucky to have community staff from Tesco who sponsored the ingredients for the cake and the school would like to say a big thank you to Jacqui Beard from Tesco who helped organise the sponsorship to enable this event to take place!

They would also like to thank the very generous Chris Catleton, a retired school cook from the area for supporting the children with cookery lessons.

On Tuesday as you know the parents will come in and have a look at the cakes.

Will they like the cakes?

Will they not like them?

Or will they think that the cakes are fine?

How will we know that if they don’t like the little party will they go away but the most important thing is the cakes show will it go on, who knows.