Stonehouse Wheelers

WE NOW come to that period of riding that means decisions need to be made on a ride actually taking place.

Most times the club members have usually ridden even if the weather is being unkind, indeed that is a reputation the members and leaders have maintained over a sustained number of years.

But whilst this inclement weather persists with frosts, winds and heavy rain, sometimes all together, well it seems like that, all have been completed albeit sometimes with a lower attendance, apart from the Carol service and ride to the venue which had to be cancelled.

This has got to be a first for that event.

Many members will have undertaken the act of declaring a New Year resolution which even if not maintained for long the spirit is there.

This is apt to mention at this time for on the distribution of the new club shirts it was found that some were too small.

Maybe the manufacturers size guide was misleading or individuals were being over optimistic, in which case it is easy to guess what some resolutions would be.

One rider who will have made a resolution may well be Chris Frome to be very careful what he consumes during competition times, for it is noticed that again the big guns are out, with ultimately doing the sport no good whilst long and very expensive lines of defence are prepared.

Another rider who may also wish to make a resolution not to perform any more odd and quirky demonstrations of the latest Sat Navs, is a report that a Gloucestershire man has drawn a Father Christmas figure around London covering some 88 miles that would entail knowledge of the latest equipment and the term virtual plotting would need understanding as well.

Such equipment is hardly necessary on the club sojourns but suppose on longer expeditions would be useful.

Maybe he should be left to carry on somewhere else if he wishes.

It is also around this time of year that many are thinking of summer holidays, when that arrives, and the numerous advertising in cycling magazines give a mesmerising list of destinations within the UK and abroad.

Indeed it seems that nowhere is impossible to reach by cycle but unless you are a long distance cyclist and plenty of time to spare getting to your destination and returning by other means will be essential if to complete the travel distance.

Not sure if North Korea is a desirable destination yet.

During the December/January period attendances have been affected by weather conditions but it was pleasing to see that one was very well attended the days weather actually being a vast improvement and which led past nearby Owlpen.

Well that's where the leader said he was going but not all were convinced.

A preview of the Severn was made one Sunday before 2018 commenced but it was agreed that it would most likely be the same next day being in fact New Years Day.

Still one member had to negotiate fallen trees on the cycle track to get just to the departure point so that certainly shows a degree of perseverance.

Looking forward to some future rides over the next couple of months Gloucester, Tetbury and the AV8 airfield cafe Kemble will get a visit for enjoyable refreshments.

The fireworks display shown on TV from London certainly came in with a splendid show and lots of bangs, just what was needed it could be said to herald a new start of seasons riding.

It is noted with regret that Heather Lewis, wife of past President for many years Eric Lewis, passed away in January.

Further details about the Stonehouse Wheelers can be obtained from the website at on Twitter:@SWheelers and