A JOYOUS celebration took place at Saint James’ Church when 10 confirmation candidates were confirmed by the Bishop of Robert.

All candidates had undergone several months of training in preparation for the big day.

Candidates varied in ages from the young to the not so young, with some the youngest candidates being regular worshippers at the monthly STJ family service.

Whilst last minute nerves were shown by several candidates, these were soon dispelled by the encouraging words of the Bishop.

In his sermon, Bishop Robert spoke of the Christian family and encouraged the Confirmation candidates to continue to play their part in the life and work of their local church at St James’.

Following the service a buffet prepared by members of the congregation was served.

Fr John, Rector and parish priest commented: ‘This has been a joyful day and a great celebration of faith. All the candidates did very well and we are very grateful to Bishop Robert for taking the service. My thanks go to all the clergy who over the last months have met with the candidates to prepare them for confirmation. Also I would like to thank members of the congregation who prepared the buffet lunch’.