Stonehouse Wheelers

At last the sunshine is reducing its intensity the grass is greening up again and something like normal weather conditions are being negotiated by club members on the scheduled rides.

The pace of events though for the professionals is still keeping many members enjoying the spectacle of these races and tours just as busy as ever for the revised European games gave a showing of many sports all at the same time along with cycling.

Does it ever end for such as Katie Archibold took a gold and the Tour de France finally finished with the Sky predicament of having two riders challenging for the win in Paris was played out on the road with Geriant Thomas ultimately proving his status.

Neither him or Frome started the Spanish tour but competed in the British tour giving home fans the chance to see the top cyclists of road events but they did not seem to be out to win.

It is ironical that after noting difficult riding conditions with heat another ride had to be cancelled due to torrential rain.

Such are the problems of the ride leaders to decide on the fate of the scheduled ride but even the top riders have to take extreme care with their hydration in such conditions as witnessed on several occasions.

Still perhaps not all is doom due to the weather good or bad for over the past couple of months TFL have reported record hiring of cycles in the Capital around some 1.2 million in June alone.

In the 2017 traffic survey more miles were covered by cycle but other relevant figures were static with cycle ownership around 42 per cent or access to a cycle and some 14 per cent ride about once per week.

Work that one out, is the popularity of cycling increasing or not but in any case the government seem keen to have a look at cycling offences rather than a broader review in spite of nearly all road deaths are due to motor vehicles.

As the summer evenings start to draw in, a change of pace also seems to happen.

The club have had some very enjoyable rides with always good company and interesting destinations.

The picnic at Sharpness ensured a leisurely afternoon in ideal picnic weather and the ride to Cirencester whilst a little longer proved popular.

It was hoped that the gliders at Selsley could have been seen on another ride but the wind was quite strong and whilst not causing any hardship on the ground it must have been too risky to take to the sky.

Perhaps another time.

Two interesting rides to complete the programme look like going to south of the Vale and another one around Chedworth.

All of these rides of course will be in officially autumn and the member who takes to the road will see less of tractor busy country lanes and probably the start of more dangers from fallen leaves than sun or rain.

It heralds the start of once again adapting to a change with probably just that bit more clothing required or have available to put on during the return leg.

The runs list seem to abound with variations hopefully to suit a majority of tastes and the leaders do put effort to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride is experienced.

The same applies to the Wednesday runs which are generally a little bit more relaxed and usually travel down to the river and canal area with a refreshment stop long enough to enjoy a good conversation.

These rides are ideal for someone just getting back into cycling and wishes to build up ability slowly or indeed just an afternoon out.

Still none should worry for it is understood that an 87 year old man has broken the record as the eldest person to ride the length of the country in just over five weeks.

Some riding, all on a small wheeled Brompton.

Well done

The AGM meeting has taken place with an average attendance (are any AGMs better) and lively discussions with those present took place, amongst other things the future and path the club should take to possibly reshape or reform to ensure continued prosperity.

Surprisingly the Ex Chairman kindly agreed to take office again but the position of Secretary still eluded them.

Further details about the Stonehouse Wheelers can be obtained from the website at and on Twitter: @SWheelers