WE HAVE now enjoyed the first two meetings of our new season.

At the first we welcomed back Malcolm Lewis of Cirencester but originally from Birmingham.

He delighted us with music by composers and performers from his home city, now well established for its musical offerings.

Starting with Arthur Sullivan and his overture ‘Di Ballo’ his musical trail took us to Albert Ketelby in his Monastry Garden, the Triennial Music Festival and through to David Hughes.

Hughes started with popular music and the hit parade, but later became a renowned opera singer before such ‘crossovers’ were recognised.

Birmingham is indeed a home of musical diversity.

At our second meeting we had a return visit from Dr John Marsh, music director of the Lord Mayor’s Chapel, Bristol.

His musical journey started with ‘Coronation Scot’ which followed with music by Tallis, Bach, Schumann, Zelenka, Messiaen, Vaughan Williams and Scott Joplin!

It was all connected by his entertaining yet erudite commentaries on the music and his own experience of it.

He proved that music can be both serious and fun at the same time.

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