'Making Waves' in Stroud

ALAN Cooke from Sussex gave a talk at the Centre for Science and Art on October 14, offering data not commonly known on radiation emissions from wifi-ed computers, mobiles and cordless phones.

A classroom of wireless computers is a strong microwave radiation field.

And “Five minutes on a mobile emits radiation that penetrates the brain.”

He said this non-ionising radiation is cumulative and that half an hour a day over time is enough to cause a brain tumour.

“After an hour on a mobile red blood cells clump together.”

Looking at a screen at night impedes the production of melatonin, the hormone needed for healthy sleep.

The instructions that come with a cordless phone warn that it should be held eight inches from the head, and that we should stand eight inches from the base that emits microwaves 24/7.

He said our bodies are bombarded by this radiation in different forms and in time the cumulative effect is a breakdown in health.

California passed a law to inform customers at point of sale of the harm mobiles do and the cell phone industry sued them.

The Federal Communications Commission has approved 5G without any safety testing.

Children under 16 should not use a mobile except in an emergency.

Wired computers do not emit radiation.

An ethernet cable will bypass wifi, and it can also be plugged into a laptop so that it can be taken anywhere in the house.

10,500 scientific papers show that this radiation is devastating trees, plants and insects.

5G, with an output of up to 300 GHz (Giga = billion) will heat the planet even more.

Alan's co-speaker Debbie Fry described her daughter Jenny's death: at 15 she could no longer bear the symptoms of wifi in school and she hanged herself.

She had headaches, dizziness, joint pain, racing heartbeat, depression and loss of memory and concentration.

She was an excellent student but could no longer do her work.

Debbie said suicide is the No. 1 killer in the UK of children aged 5-19.

These microwaves disrupt the neurology and should be banned from schools.

France has banned wifi in nursery and primary schools.

Debbie said often young people who are depressed are too embarrassed to tell their teachers and parents and urged them to ring the Samaritans and Papyrus – they don't take their names and protect their anonymity.

Where there used to be pastoral care so many school counsellors have been dismissed since the cuts.

Alan concluded by saying “Cell phones have never been tested for safety. If they had they'd never be on the market.”