THE Armistice concert at Rodborough Tabernacle was poignant and horrifying but also contained amusing moments.

The readings taken from newspapers of the period highlighted the changing emotions of the British as the war progressed, with reflections on the futility of war and the long term after affects of losing so many loved ones.

It provided a lively history lesson as well as honouring those who gave their lives.

Inspired by his father's close relationship with Harry Patch, Mike Issacs produced a CD highlighting the futility of war.

Many of the tracks were included in the concert.

Also included was moving poetry by the War poets that has been set by a a local musician, Caz Besterman.

This was sung by 'Christ Church Ecumenical Choir'.

Clive Hook led the audience singing songs of that era and John Cook wrote his own dedication to a lost relative, Charlie Knee, scout leader at 1st Rodborough Scouts.

Megan Strachan, soprano, sang two settings of 'Pie Jesu' with such feeling.

Members of 'Remembering Rodborough' showcased articles from their recent publication, 'Summoned from the Hillside'.

It was an evening to remember and to reflect on.