Stonehouse Wheelers

THE seasons come and go but for certain the clocks have gone back and that seems to have upset the weather more than usual not even giving us time to have just a bit of prolonged sunshine with more winds and rain than wanted, well perhaps a little sunshine, and this means for cyclists that curse of fallen leaves to be aware of and a clothing change and lights.

A recent look at the lighting regulations suggests, providing they are understood but like most regulations are not, indicate that sunset (or is that when the sun drops below the horizon) cycle lights are to be on.

Cars need to put a light on at sunset but dipped lights at darkness deemed to be thirty minutes after sunset.

All clear.

Probably not but on a lighter note think of Britain's professional riders still doing exceptional well.

Yates won the Spanish tour which seems a while ago but conceded in the world championships but at the World Cup series in Canada, Katie Archibold and Elinor Barker took gold with Laura Kenny like husband Jason in other events.

Watch out for them in London soon.

Lots of cheering then but a few club members had the same exhilarating experience from an enthusiastic group of youngsters cheering them on as they passed but not sure who enjoyed it most.

Perhaps a lady called Jenny Graham should have the biggest cheer for she has completed 18,000 miles in 125 days beating the previous time by 19 days.

An interesting development within the club has seen the increase of the use of electric assist cycles.

They are very necessary to enable some members to maintain their cycling abilities with a club and none should feel it an impediment to joining the club and are welcome.

Club membership comes with some benefits, for a run is chosen and navigating the routes is set out rather than doing ones own, new friends are found with one common factor of enjoying riding and often the intimidating feeling of alone on the road is eased.

The government are giving indications of interest in "E" bikes so perhaps this will relate into action sometime.

Lets hope they do not include any taxation thoughts (by applying the old adage if it moves tax it).

The recent budget did not come up with any great shocks for cycling demands most money going to motorways and city centres with city centres having caught attention.

However some junctions may be improved but seemingly they have not heard of the revised Horsetrough one on the main route out to the M5 which is rumoured to not help cyclists.

Some local motoring and road groups have come up with suggestions about placing a road bridge across the Severn from Arlingham and recently the club ride went to have a look and decided that a foot and cycle bridge would be much much better.

Don't hold your breath.

The Remembrance Day service at Gloucester Cathedral provided an interesting backdrop for the riders who went actually to the Cathedral cafe.

They were nearly all absorbed into all the dignitaries and uniforms present but all got through to return back together.

A relaxing evening was provided and enjoyed at the end of the November meeting in the form of a quiz and film show.

The interesting month of December is here and apart from the planned rides will also embrace the usual Carol service and a Christmas lunch jointly with a sister club the Stroud Valleys cycling club and both are very enjoyable events.

Rides will be a little curtailed and that Jack Frost may be around a bit.

Sadly the club have lost a long standing and well respected member Marion Teale who was a very active cyclist throughout her life but on a better note two members are recovering after a serious accident.

Further details about the Stonehouse Wheelers can be obtained from the website at on Twitter:@SWheelers and