Stroud Gardening Club with Dr Lee Hayward of The Cotswold Fungus Group

STROUD Gardening Club invited Dr Lee Hayward of The Cotswold Fungus Group to their November meeting to give a talk entitled Fungi - The Forgotten Kingdom.

The meeting was opened by Chairperson, Sharon Pellatt when she also gave out various notices before introducing Dr Lee Hayward.

It was an extremely interesting meeting where we were told that fungi are generally closer to animals than plants.

There are 30 deadly fungi in the UK, but also 100 edible fungi.

However, we were advised not to forage for fungi unless we know exactly what they are, and also mentioned that the Cotswold Fungus Group arrange forages throughout the year, which the public are welcome to join.

Refreshment were served including cakes made by Sharon and Jan, and the raffle was drawn.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday, December 12, at 7.30pm at the Congregational Church Rooms in Bedford Street, Stroud when we have our Christmas Social for members, and Katherine Kear will be entertaining with "A Victorian Christmas".