Hilltop Gardening Club with Nathalie Mignotte's ‘Islamic Gardens’

A WHIRLWIND tour of ‘paradise gardens’, meaning ‘enclosed garden’ - irrigation systems, fountains and rills greeted us on December 4, in a series of slides about which our speaker Nathalie Mignotte excelled.

Nathalie Mignotte had spent many years visiting Morocco and was captivated by it.

Inspired by the parallel drivers of function; form and design, and the spiritual that underline the ‘paradise gardens’ has led her to revisit and share her research and knowledge.

The slides of Islamic gardens were based mainly in Morocco – in Marrakech but also included those in southern Spain, in particular the Alhambra.

This was a talk that emphasized the glory of artisan skills, and their beauty: a great inspiration to all of us!

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