Leonard Stanley WI with a history of Mummers

OUR meeting in December took the form of a splendid tea party, which really would not have disgraced the Ritz.

Sadly we did not have a pianist in the background tickling the ivories, but we had been entertained by the Young Ones who sang a selection of hits from the 50s, 60s and 70s followed by some seasonal numbers.

To begin the new year we had a visit from Stephen Rowley who filled us in on the history of Mummers.

He has been an active member of a mumming group for many years and had researched the history of the stories very thoroughly.

After the refreshment break members shared their best Christmas presents with all those present.

These ranged from a book of family photos lovingly put together, to an exciting visit to London and a performance of ‘The Lion King’, on to a massive jigsaw, some particularly nice toiletries, a beautiful necklace (to supplement the asked-for ironing board!), a new handbag to keep the owner well organised and a soup-maker to reduce stress in the kitchen among others.

It was quite touching to see how carefully all the gifts had been chosen, and in some cases made.

Members are lucky to have such thoughtful families.

Activities to keep us occupied during these winter months were arranged including a visit to Slimbridge to see the swans fed and to enjoy supper and an afternoon of Scrabble and Whist.

At our next meeting on February 11, we shall have a session of traditional games.

It is amazing how competitive Snakes and Ladders can be, never mind Scrabble and Boggle.

We shall also have to discuss our future if more committee members cannot be found.