THE year progresses and we are all seeing that daylight lengthen, surprisingly quite quickly, and is a turning point for members who like many appreciate the coming of spring time.

After all the glad tidings of the past months have evaporated easier riding conditions are now appreciated and hopefully the rains, winds and cold will not strike back too harshly.

A couple of rides attracted very good attendance perhaps indicating the feeling of getting rid of the past winter weather.

The indoor cyclists however continued their successes both in Germany and the London series of World Cup events with both the Kennys (him and her), Archibold, Kay and Nelson turning in their usual wins in various events.

Geraint Thomas was voted BBC sports personality of the Year which was richly earned but it is interesting to note that Frome will be challenging hard for another tour win this year by forgoing the Giro event in Italy to concentrate on the task.

Thoughts of the coming spring have also passed onto the Sustrans organisation who have organised countrywide cycle routes, maybe not all they liked, but are going to undertake a survey of present routes to identify muddy areas, access to tracks and routes and junctions.

Good luck to that for in due course maybe the winter tyres may be dispensed with earlier in the year for those who ride designated winter tyres.

Access etc may take take a bit longer to act upon if indeed any action will be taken on the findings but whilst the government are promising money for potholes, heard that word before, the RAC have published there own report on them and found that delays to repairing dangerous ones is spasmodic with one road authority taking five days to respond.

In that area more than wide cycle tyres are probably needed.

The government departments also seem busy on statement or comments from the Health Secretary declaring we have poor air quality, I thought we all knew that a while ago but apparently not nearly enough has been done.

A joined up appeal between departments is needed so he says but where has that been said but somehow not heeded or understood.

Well what about really promoting cycling with suitable funds could be said may help but that is a prejudicial view of course but one members would appreciate.

With December producing not many runs the month did host two regular events which was a carol service at St Matthews Church, Cainscross and an annual Christmas lunch.

Both events were organised by the Wheelers sister club (Stroud valleys Cycle Club) but the carol service this year was in Stroud rather than Cam for various reasons with a lunch buffet rather than a tea after the service.

This format was enjoyed by all.

Perhaps the ride of the year (not the club year) was on the Sunday in December before celebrations became official.

Though only a few decided to ride that day the local short ride took a look at some roundhouses but importantly finishing at a local hostelry aptly named in the run title, Toad, Frog and Ram.

Immediately after Christmas a good many turned out for a last glance of the river in the old year.

Another ride also illustrated a good reason for the benefits of club cycling when several members gave help with a breakdown and got the rider home, well a shoelace did as part of a temporary repair.

Rides coming up include a Tetbury ride, a Gloucester tea stop by the canal and also the annual look at the daffodils which at the moment look as if they are going to play the usual tricks of hiding either early or late.

Further details about the Stonehouse Wheelers can be obtained from the website at on twitter @SWheelers and