Cainscross WI

CAINSCROSS WI met in February on the first Tuesday, as usual, and we were pleased to welcome three husbands to the meeting.

Apologies were received from Mary, Patsy, Kate and Pam.

Linda was thanked for the lovely display of snowdrops, which even included a few rarities for us to admire.

After the singing of Jerusalem we voted on the suggested resolutions for the AGM.

We then moved on to the correspondence and were pleased to hear that tickets are now available for the Weavers Group meeting at Frocester on Friday, April 5, (a fashion show by M&Co).

Interest was also shown in the GFWI Centenary Village Fair and Picnic at Bathurst Mansion Garden on Saturday, July 6.

We then welcomed our speaker Mr Chris Ames to talk about Freemasonry.

The first recorded Freemason dates from the 17th century and Elias Ashmole (of Ashmolean Museum fame) was a keen early member.

It has roots with the guilds of stonemasons who worked so skilfully on our Cathedrals.

They needed to move around the country, to new projects, and so developed their own signs and passwords to ensure that all workers were trained to the same high standards.

Nowadays Freemasons have three beliefs: brotherly love (kindness), relief (charity) and truth.

They meet at their local Lodge and, once initiated, can wear special ceremonial aprons, symbolising the leather aprons originally worn by stonemasons.

Chris brought along some beautiful examples of regalia for us to see.

We were surprised to hear that ladies have also been able to join some lodges since the early 20th century, and that membership applications can now be made on-line by computer. He then went on to tell us about the substantial amount of charity work that the society has funded over the years – and is still doing today. The range is certainly impressive.

After refreshments, and lots of chat, the raffle was drawn and the competition winners revealed. Members had produced some lovely Valentine gifts and we all enjoyed a share of the chocolate hearts! First place went to Sheila Shipton, Linda Foreman was second and new member Pat Parker came third. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday 5th March at 7:15pm, St Matthew’s Church Hall, Church Road, Cainscross. Our speaker, Sue, will be talking about the Sue Ryder charity. The monthly competition is for a painting of Spring. Visitors or new members will be made most welcome and more details, if needed, are available by ringing our secretary, Mary, on 01453 762812.