STROUD Gardening Club held their AGM on February 20, at the Bedford Street Congregational Church Rooms, when Chairperson Sharon Pellatt welcomed 16 members to the meeting.

There were brief reports from the chairperson, Sharon; secretary, Jan Davis and treasurer, Marianne Child, the main concern from all three officers was the low membership numbers, inviting ideas as to how we can improve the situation.

New members are always welcome, and our membership fee remains at £10 per person/year.

Election of officers, as above, were re-elected as all agreed to continue in their posts.

The committee members were also re-elected - Jane Burriss, Mavis Wyatt and Christine Davies, and following

the resignation of the fourth member, Caroline Ractliffe was elected onto the committee.

The new calendar for 2019-2020 is almost complete, and two trips have been included.

The first is on Wednesday, May 29 to Dewstow Gardens & Hidden Grottoes, Caerwent, Caldicot.

We will be stopping at Chepstow Garden Centre for lunch, and then on to Dewstow in the afternoon.

The cost is £18 per person.

The second trip is on Thursday, September 12, to Stratford-on-Avon, stopping at The Valley Outlet & Garden Centre, Evesham, for a break, then on to Stratford-on-Avon for you to enjoy as you wish.

The cost is £12.50 per person.

These trips are open to members, friends and family.

Cheques should be made out to Stroud Gardening Club.

Contact Jan Davis on 01453 757952 or 07917 876821 for further details.

Our next meeting is our Members' Spring Bulb Show on Wednesday, March 20, at the Bedford Street, Congregational Church Rooms at 7.30pm.

Classes will be as the schedules which have been handed out to members, and the judge will be Mrs Sue Sutton.