Arlingham WI - Turn right when the butter melts

AFTER welcoming everyone, our March meeting opened with just a few events including ‘Pennies for Friendship’, tickets for the Cheltenham Music Festival, future events at Denman and the bulb scheme.

We will be re-introducing our monthly lunches beginning March 28, with a visit to La Campagna restaurant in Stonehouse.

Our speaker this month was Stephen Rowley with a talk, intriguingly titled ‘Turn right when the butter melts.’

Stephen first went sailing aged 11 and got the sailing bug, preferring to learn how to use a sextant rather than study for his exams.

It wasn’t until he was 37, following a mid-life crisis, that he had his first real adventure.

He joined a yacht from Majorca heading for the Caribbean.

Problems were apparent from the start as he watched five trucks unload wine onto the yacht and realised that this wasn’t cargo.

No doubt Stephen was relieved to reach dry land and have a proper shower and buy some new shorts!

Carol gave the vote of thanks as we enjoyed refreshments provided by Chrissie and Bernie.

The competition for ‘A favourite holiday souvenir’ was won by Carol, with a souvenir from Russia.

The flowers were donated by Jeanette and were given to Sue.

Our next meeting will be on April 11 and the talk will be on ‘Writing a wartime saga’; the competition will be a poem ‘There was a young lady from Arlingham…’

New members and visitors are always welcome.

We meet on the second Thursday of the month at the village Hall at 7.30pm.