A dozen homes near Stroud have been left without internet or landline connection for almost a week after a lorry reversed into a telegraph pole.

Residents working from home in Park End, Paganhill on June 4 were interrupted when a large lorry hit a telegraph pole which stood 50 yards from The Old Crown.

One of those left without internet is Stroud District Councillor Haydn Sutton, whose wife Susan Sutton explained she has been working from a friend’s house because Openreach have not yet resolved the connection issues.

“There’s no sign of anything actually happening and we’re very frustrated by it. All the affected neighbors are also very frustrated by it,” said Mrs Sutton, adding that around 12 people had been impacted.

“There doesn’t seem to be any coordination in being able to find any solutions or even anybody who’s likely to put the pole back up so it could be quite some time.”

A spokesperson for Openreach, who are responsible for the telegrpah pole, said engineers have visited the site of the incident and made the area safe, moving the pole and positioning cones around it.

“We understand how frustrating this must be for anyone affected,” they said.

“We are working hard to get the pole replaced as quickly as possible, but this is a complex repair and it needs to be done safely.

“We’ve had only a handful of reports of customers being out of service, so we strongly encourage anyone experiencing any disruption with their phone or broadband service to report it to their service provider who will then inform us.”