AS THE warm weather continues, Gloucestershire Police have issued a warning about the dangers of swimming in open waters.

Officers say they have received a number of reports about people swimming in lakes, quarries and other water sources over the past few days.

This includes at Dowdeswell Reservoir, which they say has hidden dangers that people should be aware of.

A force spokeswoman said: "In particular reports have been received about swimmers at Dowdeswell Reservoir and we want to let swimmers know that the water has underwater pipes that pump water and at times they have enough suction to trap a swimmer who swims above them.

"As the hot weather continues during the summer, officers from the Cotswolds will be patrolling the area to warn of the risks involved and other hidden dangers which include strong currents and mud banks or items under the water which a swimmer can become caught on."

Anyone who sees a swimmer in trouble is advised to not get into the water but call emergency services on 999.