I AM already dreading June because our un-elected government are going to kill our Gloucestershire badgers.

They have been condemned with no scientific proof at all.

After trying to cull badgers in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire I believe for some years and having seen no improvement in cattle TB as a result, the conclusion was reached that they have not killed enough yet. But why should it work now?

These shy magnificent creatures are part of our heritage.

They come out at night, they live their lives in quiet woodlands feeding, playing and rearing their families, and they do not know what is to happen to them fortunately.

I usually look forward to summer but the politicians farmer lobby have blighted it for me this year.

These are the same people who hunt foxes having killed cubs and blocked up the foxes holes so that there is no refuge for Raynard if he does escape the snarling hounds and the even more disgusting hunters.

Can anyone stop this outrage I wonder.

This present government is out of touch with ordinary people and seem to concern themselves with their own little cosy world of Westminster and gay rights and what our American master wishes us to do.

Jacqueline Peacey Stroud