MADAM - Parliament's emergency debate on the proposed pilot culls, was according to ministers aimed at trying to stop the spread of bovine TB.

Indeed, Neil Parish sorrowfully said it has now affected every farmer across Devon.

It is utterly beyond belief that he, and farmers/ vets cannot seem to see that it is not badgers rushing across the width and length of Devon, but the current cattle crisis boosted by no testing during foot and mouth, has simply been spread amongst cattle.

Since FMD, some 340,000 cattle removed, of which 200,000 were unconfirmed early cases, which do have TB and up to 85 per cent of new breakdowns due to unconfirmed reactors.

By contrast the RBCT cull of 11,000 badgers from 1,900sq km found just 1,515 TB +, and only 166 infectious.

M Hancox MA Oxon Ex-gov TB panel Stroud