THE other morning whilst I was walking with my dog in the woods next to where I live, a muntjac deer sprang from nowhere and started to attack my dog.

I have trained my dog not to chase deer, and so called her away immediately.

The deer would not leave my dog alone however and continued to chase and try and attack her - making a loud barking noise.

The deer then ran across the river off through the narrow river bed and on to the opposite bank.

I sighed in relief and started to try and walk home.

However, the deer then charged once more back across the river and continued to chase and attack my dog.

In the end I ran at speed out of the woods calling my dog -–who followed me with the muntjac on her heels.

We were chased right out of the wood.

I initially thought that the deer must have been trying to protect young.

I have however since read an article about muntjac deer attacking dogs. Maybe this should be a warning to other dog walkers.

Debra Holt