I FIND the latest Tory government announcement that all companies will have to declare their foreign employees rather alarming.

This is the so-called party of business – but what business is it of theirs who companies choose to employ?

Only yesterday I heard about a local company that makes specialist metal fittings that sell all over the world.

They are desperate for foreign language graduates.

What if they can’t find British people qualified for those jobs?

If they end up recruiting some ‘foreigner’ who speaks fluent Spanish is the government going to tell them that is now a ‘bad thing’?

Apparently if you now speak up for the positives of immigration you’re ‘out of touch’ with people’s concerns.

Who is really out of touch with the businesses that power our economy, provide us with jobs, pay rates and taxes?

Can’t employers be trusted to employ who they want, sometimes local, sometimes from further afield, depending on the needs of their business?

Or are we now to judge the worth of a person solely on the randomness of the country they were born in, or the parents they have, none of which we choose ourselves.

Are our kids allowed to go and study and work in other countries?

When we’re saying we don’t want foreign kids to come and study here, or heaven forbid, stay and work?

I gather that our MP is not happy with the hard Brexit direction this government is taken, but it is his party which is in charge, and they are setting the anti-immigrant, anti-business tone of debate right now.

They’re not interested in the 48 per cent of the population who voted to stay in the EU, and they don’t speak for me.

Doina Cornell