JUST what is going on at Stroud District Council?

We have the majority Labour Group ‘mindful’ to sell the Sub Rooms yet their National Party is leaning more to the left with a Policy of Public Ownership.

How can they therefore sell the publicly owned Sub Rooms to Mr Vince?

The Sub Rooms were built as a result of public subscription in the 1830s and were then purchased by Stroud Council around 1961 – presumably using, at that time, ratepayers’ money – what is the legal position here? – for the moral position does not seem to matter.

Why are the Liberal Democrat, Conservative, Green and independent councillors silent on this subject?

Do people really want Mr Vince to be the owner of a local asset?

One can only hope that Stroud Town Council will have the means to fight this proposed sale, for they are the only ones attempting to do what is right in this case.

Certainly one cannot be confident about the decisions coming from Ebley Mill.

Will we hear that they have been ‘mindful’ to grant permission to Mr Vince for the unnecessary stadium on a greenfield site?

Only in the last few days have the reports regarding the increasing problem of carbon dioxide appeared again and one certain thing that is well known is that whilst we still have to fight the pollution problems, carbon dioxide can be reduced by retaining every mature tree and hedge and open grassland. The results may be small but we have to start somewhere.

The answer seems to be in Gloucestershire that Mr Vince will help this process by covering our countryside with buildings, concrete and tarmac, helped along with thousands of diesel lorry movements polluting the air.

We should not be allowing unnecessary building – houses, we need, another football stadium and a business park, we do not.

Part of Mr Vince’s plans, are to build 95 houses on the Forest Green Site in Nailsworth thereby producing another 300/400 cars on our already overcrowded local roads.

Nailsworth Town Council objected to the supermarket at Lightpill on traffic grounds but did not object to potential traffic problems in Nailsworth.

Councillors at all levels get themselves elected then seem to ignore their constituents views.