JEREMY Marchant writes with great confidence (Letters, November 1) that he does not see any evidence for homeopathy.

The question is, has he looked?

Has he looked at the six overall assessments of the scientific evidence on homeopathy?

Does he know that five of them are positive?

Did he discover that the one negative one has been condemned by independent experts as flawed in its methodology?

And does he realise that the repeated statements in the media that there is no evidence for homeopathy are based on that one negative study, and are nothing but spin?

It is all too easy to recycle received opinion from the media, but the media are biased against homeopathy, and what they say is wrong.

This is an injustice to homeopaths, an insult to the millions of people world-wide who know that homeopathy works and tragedy for all the people who who are being deprived of homeopathic treatment.

I plead with critics or ‘sceptics’ of homeopathy - please look at the evidence. Please open your minds to the fact that science is always changing, and that it is changing now to embrace homeopathy.

Please understand that science discovers new things continually.

Strange things can be true.

I have been a homeopath in Stroud for 32 years.

I have treated over 6,000 people.

I do know what I am talking about.

And I have started The Global Campaign To Save Homeopathy at

Please visit the site and sign the international petition.

Registered homeopath
Stroud Natural Health Clinic