ON shopkeeper Peter Bateman who has died aged 79.

Posted by saveourwildlife: So sorry to hear that Peter has passed away. You must all be very proud of his achievements in his life. Best wishes to family, friends and staff at Batemans.

Posted by Tim Ballinger: A pillar of our community and an absolute gentleman. God bless you, sir, and your wonderful family.

Posted by Paul Giles: Fond memories of playing with and against Peter as a youngster. My thoughts are with Andy and all the family. I will be raising a glass to him at the racing this weekend.

On the pro-Brexit march in Stroud on Saturday.

Posted by An actual scientist: I don’t agree with district councillor Paul Denney - holding a counter-rally on the day seeks to undermine not only free speech but also the democratic result of the referendum. Stop trying to organise a counter-gathering just to cause trouble!

Posted by Crow: I’m not sure who Paul Denney was referring to but I think people should be allowed their rallies. It was a national referendum, so I think claiming that Stroud voted to remain isn’t quite a accurate statement, maybe. I don’t think the 48 per cent who voted to remain should be ignored either, and many who voted to leave have perhaps changed their mind. I personally think such an important decision should require another referendum, considering how some people may have woken up to what it means. Boris can get out the old bus again and go around the country saying the NHS will get 350 a week if we leave, if he likes.

Posted by Nevertrustahippy: Blimey that’s brave...you will be at the mercy of the middle class craftavists waving banners and thrusting their face painted EU flagged offspring at a grateful SNJ camera whilst shouting that you are worse than Hitler (cause all people who voted to leave are closet racists)... good luck with that!

Posted by Crow: I think they should have at least marched from the leisure centre, or somewhere a bit further afield ...put some effort in! It’s pretty much exactly 100 miles from Stroud to the Houses of Parliament...nice round number if any of them have got the energy...Could probably stay the nights in Travel Lodges, or the committed could sleep in fields, in sleeping bags. If you feel strongly about this get with the protest program...a little walk around Stroud is ok for the elderly or disabled but really it’s just a walk in the park as a protest.