THE Stroud Sub Rooms is a much-loved iconic building and I  believe there is no local agreement for the sale of the freehold of this property.

It is obvious that the running costs of this building are more than the district council, or even the town council, can afford.

A business solution is available, in that the building could be leased to Ecotricity on, say, a 25 year timescale.

This would allow the building to remain under public ownership, be used extensively by Ecotricity, broadly along the lines they propose to use the building for, and, not cost the district council capital or operating costs.   In fact, a financial gain may be achieved.

Ecotricity has a good business track record employing many local people and, true to his word, Dale Vince has supported Forest Green through ‘thick  and thin’ to achieve a really successful Football League club.

It is obvious this proposal needs careful negotiations and movement by Ecotricity and the district council but a fully repairable lease would safe guard the fabric of the building and keep it both commercially and publicly used.

The in-house district council and Stroud Trust proposals rely heavily on council grants and do not solve the long term problems associated with this building.

Mike Stayte