I TRUST that the group that let off numerous fireworks on Wotton Hill very late on Saturday night enjoyed themselves.

I’m not against this, but to do so long after family and the Wotton Firework Display had ceased and our elderly gone to bed and our frightened pets pacified, is irresponsible.

The Fireworks Regulations (2004) states that if you buy fireworks for your personal use, then you are only allowed to use them on private property.

I am aware that Wotton Hill is privately owned, but I much doubt if the owner gave permission to use it for this purpose.

Further, the law stipulates that fireworks must not be let off after 11pm, however this ‘display’ started at 1110 and continued variously until 11.55pm.

Breaching the Act constitutes a criminal offence and in doing so you could receive a prison sentence of up to 6 months or a fine up to £5,000.

Should you consider doing similar in the future, please consider our residents and their pets and also the consequences of doing so.


Wotton under Edge