Evidence of a suspected victim of Fred West has been found by a film crew at a café in Gloucester.

A dog was recently taken to the site by a TV documentary team which is said to have shown a positive reaction in the basement.

53 years after the disappearance, Gloucestershire Police said they had found evidence that a body could be buried within The Clean Plate café in Southgate Street, Gloucester, and are linking it to the disappearance of 15-year-old Mary Bastholm.

Stroud News and Journal: A police tent outside The Clean Plate cafe in Southgate Street, Gloucester.. (PA)A police tent outside The Clean Plate cafe in Southgate Street, Gloucester.. (PA)

Mary was reported missing on January 6 1968, last seen waiting for a bus to go and see her boyfriend and has never been found.

It is thought that she was offered a lift by Fred West and then murdered.

Her parents have since tragically passed away without ever finding out what happened to their daughter.

Stroud News and Journal:  Mary Bastholm was 15 when she was reported missing in 1968. (PA) Mary Bastholm was 15 when she was reported missing in 1968. (PA)

Fred West, with the help of his wife Rose, murdered at least 12 women between 1967 and 1987.

Most of the young women were raped and tortured before their death, the couple would bury their victims remains in the cellar at their Gloucester home.

Fred was arrested for his crimes in 1994, seven years after his killing spree ended, some of whom were his own family.

Here are his 12 confirmed victims.

Anne McFall

Anne McFall was the nanny to the children of Fred West and his first wife, Rena.

At the age of just 18, she went missing in 1967 whilst eight months pregnant with her killer believed to be the father.

Anne was not known to be murdered until her remains were found in Gloucester in 1994.

Fred initially denied her murder but told visitors that he stabbed her to death following an argument after his arrest in 1994.

Charmaine West

Charmaine was Fred West’s stepdaughter from his marriage to his first wife Rena.

It is understood she was just eight-years-old at the time of her murder.

Fred West was actually in prison at the time of her death and his wife Rose West was convicted of her murder in 1995.

Rena West

Rena West was Fred’s first wife and the mother of Charmaine.

Her murder is believed to have taken place in August 1971, her remains were discovered in a field in 1994.

Lynda Gough

Lynda Gough was the first person to be murdered at the Wests' address.

The 19-year-old moved in as a lodger and her body was found in Cromwell street following her murder in April 1973.

Carol Ann Cooper

Carol Ann Cooper was just 15-years-old when she was murdered, but here body was not found until two decades later.

The teenager was placed in care after the death of her mother in 1966 and was allowed to visit her grandmother the day she was reported missing in November 1973.

Lucy Partington.

Stroud News and Journal: Lucy Partington was one of the Wests’ victims. (PA)Lucy Partington was one of the Wests’ victims. (PA)

Lucy was a 21-year-old student who had come home for Christmas when she was abducted from a bus stop on December 27, 1973.

Her body was found 20 years later in Cromwell Street.

Therese Siegenthaler

Therese was also a 21-year-old student when she was murdered by the evil couple.

The Swiss sociology student was hitchhiking when she was picked up by the Wests in April 1974.

She had told her family she was trying to reach Ireland who reported her missing to Scotland Yard when they stopped hearing from her.

Shirley Hubbard

Shirley was a 15-year-old shop worker in Worcester when she was abducted from a bus stop in November 1974.

Juanita Mott

Juanita had lodge with the Wests at Cromwell Street and was 18-years-old when she accepted a lift from them.

She was thought to have been abducted in April 1975, her body was not found until 1994 when police searched the address following Fred’s arrest.

She was his last victim for three years.

Shirley Robinson

Shirley had sexual relationships with Fred and Rose West, according to The Sun, and was heavily pregnant with Fred’s baby when she was murdered at 18, in May 1978.

She lived at Cromwell Street for some time before her murder.

Alison Chambers

Born in West Germany, Alison lived much of her life in Swansea before moving to Gloucester at 16 to train at a solicitors’ firm.

Her remains were the second set of remains to be found at the Cromwell Street address in 1994.

Heather Anne West

Heather was the first daughter of Fred and Rose West.

She was last seen in 1987 but was never reported missing to police. Her remains were found in the rear garden of the Cromwell Street arrest in 1994.

What happened to Fred and Rose West?

Stroud News and Journal: Fred and Rose West. (PA)Fred and Rose West. (PA)

Fred West was charged with 12 murders in 1994, but had claimed to have killed more before his death. 

Fred took his own life in January 1995 before he could be punished for his crimes.

His wife, Rose, was charged with 10 murders although still claims she is innocent. 

Rose was given a life sentence in 1995 and remians in prison to this day.