WORLD music legend Paul McCartney has voiced his support for Forest Green Rovers who staged the world's first vegan football match on Saturday.

Red meat, bovril, fizzy drinks and mars bars are already off the menuafter green eco warrior Dale Vince bought the club in 2010.

All animal-related products were taken off the menu for their Conference clash with Lincoln City to mark the 70th birthday celebration of The Vegan Society, as well as World Vegan Day.

In a statement from Paul and his daughters Mary and Stella, they said: "Good luck to Forest Green Rovers which is moving a step further by going vegan.

"It’s great to hear how a football club took the positive environmental action of going meat free, and how this has been such a success.

"We admire the club’s strong commitment to sustainability and wish it all the very best.”

Fansl also heard from former Everton and Swansea footballer Neil Robinson at half-time. He is listed as being the game’s first vegan footballer in the world in the 1980s.

Since he hung up his boots, Robinson has been something of a spearhead for going vegan, and owner Vince has given him pitch-time to send out a clear message to the supporters.

Club Chairman Dale Vince said: "We’ve been a meat free club for the last three seasons; it was a pretty big step at the time but an important part of our mission. And our fans have got behind it. 

“It’s a surprisingly small step from vegetarian to vegan; it sounds much harder than it is. A lot of vegetarian foods are actually vegan already. Our very popular veggie burger, for example, is actually vegan.

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating of course: food sales this season are 84% higher than three years ago when we began this journey.”