Former Welsh international player Wayne Proctor has been appointed as rugby coach at Wycliffe School and Preparatory School.

His mission is to get all the boys smiling as they play and having confidence in themselves as members of the team.

Wayne felt that the philosophy of Wycliffe Preparatory School’s Headmaster, Adrian Palmer, chimed with his own approach to sport.

“I want the children here to enjoy their rugby, to feel happy and safe when they play and not to fear failure,” he said.

The school’s sporting programme focuses on finding ‘little nuggets’ in individual performances which are built upon to improve a child’s confidence and proficiency on the pitch.

Wayne, who studied sports science at Pembrokeshire College and was the record try scorer for Llanelli RFC, moved to Wycliffe with his family after spending time in Namibia during the World Cup. The school often employs professionals to impart their expertise across a number of sports, developing pupils from as young an age as possible.

Wayne will pass on his wisdom, including teaching pupils about safe and effective tackles and low-level injury prevention techniques.

“It is important that all players learn how to look after themselves and that I teach them to try to be self-reliant so they don’t get into a situation when they need help to overcome injury,” he said.

His long term goal is to make the boys better skilled, develop their competitiveness, and retain a life-long love of the game.