September sun shone on Gloucestershire cricket last week.

A hard fought game against Derbyshire was won, but best of all was the news that Michael Klinger was returning next season. He will have a dual role, captaining the T20 side and acting as batting consultant in all forms of the game. Our batting that is a real problem. This season no one scored one thousand runs or averaged over 35 in the county championship.

At times our championship form was woeful , but four out of the last seven games were won. Six unsung heroes of club cricket in the county head for Lord’s on October 9. They are winners of outstanding service to cricket awards. One is Elisabeth Skinner, chair of Sheepscombe and Bisley. Her father Ken French and son Joe both played for the club and served it with distinction I am sure Elisabeth will think the award is for them as well. To see umpire Jeff Chandra amongst the winners is deserving reward for a valuable group who deserve more praise for their service to the game.

When at H.Q. part of my duties were hosting awards day. Positioning yourself near the puddings at lunchtime was always a good idea. Many extras could come your way. Four was my record, but I had to accept Mike Gatting as the star. He obtained five! There should be a special award for Gerald of the C.D.C.A. He has just retired as admin manager after five years of fine service. Thanks Gerald.

The sun also shone on Forest Green Rovers. They are still unbeaten and are in a play-off place.In addition the club received an award at the United Nations in New York.

Nearer home they’re distributing 400 free shirts to young supporters. There are so many reasons to be proud of supporting the Nailsworth Club. Looking ahead, the long chug to Cambridge on Tuesday will be tough, but winning ways will return against Newport County on Saturday.