Forest Green were superb said Morecambe manager Jim Bentley. He was partially correct. His team gave a Theresa May type performance, hanging on determinedly, but with little to offer. They were allowed to by a Rovers team who played some good football, but with no end product. This is happening too often and is frustrating us all. What can be done about it? Most goals are scored in or around the six-yard box as we have just seen from England beating Croatia.

Too many Forest Green players seem to think you need a visa to enter it. Several times the ball was played across the goal and there was no forward waiting to pounce.

Our forwards must take responsibility and drive into the danger areas. Attack the near post or far one. Put real pressure on opposing defences. Do not be afraid to gamble, go where the action is! At the moment this is not happening.

Instead we are seeing too much passing on the edge of the penalty area and no net bulging. Matters are made worse by our ineptitude from corners and set pieces. Come back Dayle Grubb! A word about Rueben Reid who was the perfect foil for Christian Doidge, holding up the ball and then playing him in. He needs someone to play alongside him. Despite these problems we are in a good place, but there is a real need to correct these long standing problems now and not wait for the transfer window. A cup tie win against Oxford will cheer us all up and to do this we all need to be on top form, including the crowd. We do matter! Players do have responsibilities, but in tight cup ties so do we.