FOILED again! Another failed fitness test prevented me from attending the 2-2 thriller at Cheltenham Town.

I am in light training for a return to the FGR press box for the Northampton game, where etiquette demands decorum and I shall have to leave the vocal encouragement the players deserve to others. A close look at the league table this morning proved a heartening experience. Talk of a play-off place is absolutely reasonable and an automatic one not out of the question.

Immense progress has been made this season.If home form improves and individual mistakes diminish there is no limit to what can be achieved.

The inspirational Cowley brothers will take Lincoln well clear at the table top and MK Dons are another threat, but the automatic third place could be ours.

No longer are we sending out boys to do man's jobs.

Wise recruitment in the summer has brought obvious results. The chairman backed manager and staff and all credit to all.

The only blot on the season has been the limp FA Cup exit.The remainder of the season is a thrilling prospect. The possibility of a couple of new players adds to the anticipation.