Forest Green Rovers and the Lansdown Clinic in Stroud are continuing to work in partnership this season to offer chiropractic and physiotherapy support to Rovers players.

FGR has an in house medical team but regularly calls on support from the clinic in treating players through injury and to help prevent problems arising in the first place.

The relationship has been ongoing since 2015, when Ian Weston joined Forest Green as the head of medical. He’d worked with the clinic at a previous club and was keen to set up the partnership as part of the club’s wider support of players.

Head of medical, Ian Weston, said: “Our partnership with the Lansdown Clinic is incredibly valuable to us as a club.

“Tara and her team do a fantastic job of helping the players to recover from and avoid injury, and their work plays a big part in helping us get results on the pitch.”

Tara Marwaha, clinic director, said: “It is really exciting to be involved with a team like FGR and work alongside Ian and Joe.

“We work as a team to ensure that all the players are fit and well. We like to focus on prevention of injuries as well as chiropractic treatment if injured. It is really important for sports players to ensure they are functioning and moving as well as possible to avoid injury which also helps a speedy recovery should they get injured.

“I look forward to this continued relationship.”

James Montgomery is one of the players who has benefitted from the relationship, after suffering from back problems earlier in the season: “I was doing a lot of driving at the beginning of the season with me living up north, and there was loads of different things in my lifestyle that I didn’t know too much about until I spoke with Tara – a lot to do with driving and my seating position,” he said.

“Since I got treatment we looked at all those things and, touch wood, my back’s been fine. Within literally a day of coming here I was a lot freer and then within the next week I was back fit again for selection.”