MARK COOPER'S decision not to attend his post-match press conference has raised eyebrows, but I'm prepared to cut him some slack and look at the bigger picture.

Morecambe did more than keep us at bay, they gave us a sound beating. I wasn't at the game, but three main issues can be safely be commented on. Firstly, team selection. Manager Mark sees the players in training and can judge both fitness and motivation. Then he selects his best team.No other criterion should apply. Just a few weeks ago he was suggesting building statues of the players so it should be assumed all is well and he must be selecting his best side. Secondly, his non-meeting of the media must be considered. I believe this was a mistake, but an understandable one. Mark has never failed to front up before, always telling us how he sees things. Much more worrying is the recent run of results. We all know they are not good enough and a turnaround in form must come now. League tables do not lie and the end of the season is a time for analysis. No slack will be cut then!

Now is the time for something completely different. The first-class cricket season is upon us within a month. Gloucestershire have the appointment of four co-pted board members. They look a bright bunch but they seem Bristol-based. The forthcoming AGM brings the opportunity to elect two more board members. Look for any local members.