It was more than the weather that was bright at the New Lawn on Saturday. Forest Green gave an outstanding first half display that matched the late summer sunshine.

Playing with enterprise and energy they entertained us all. Players realised you no longer needed a visa to get into the penalty area with the ball played forward quickly the Colchester goal was always in danger. James Morton asked many questions with his passing and it was from one of his deliveries that our goal came. The aggressive Matty Stevens was in the right place and the defender panicked. The resulting own goal was well deserved. More should have followed. A 3-0 half-time lead should have been established. That would have killed the game off but Colchester knew they were still in the game.

Our quick tackling defence, with Liam Kitching outstanding kept them at bay and with the one self-inflicted wound not proving fatal Rovers were worthy winners.

I was not alone in thinking we were as a crowd too docile. This young team deserves a noisy, enthusiastic crowd giving the referee plenty of advice. He certainly needed some,denying Rovers a stonewall first half penalty. More people and more next week please! After the game field marshall Mark Cooper spoke about the duty of care in respect of the players.

No one should be overstretched. We should rejoice the squad is strong enough for him to do this.Four points from the next games on Tuesday and Saturday would be a true harvest festival.