The best performance of the season but the worst result! In the first-half against Mansfield Rovers we were outstanding. Moving the ball quickly they dominated a sluggish visiting team. Three points should have been signed, sealed and delivered by half-time.

The inevitable second goal came after 62 minutes and was greeted by a welcome wall of sound from the South stand. For a couple of minutes everyone relaxed. The trouble was that included the players! A very sloppy goal was conceded, followed shortly by another. It is well known that you should never give a sucker an even break.

Mansfield had been given two. Not believing their luck they hung on for a draw. A result they did not deserve. Some have been frustrated, I was angry! A two –nil lead at home had not been defended and two points had been thrown away.

After the first-half display this was hard to stomach.

Rovers, you need to develop a mean streak. Ability needs an ally. The officials annoyed me. In the first five minutes there was evidence of inconsistency. He spent the next 80 confirming it. I saw no evidence of them working as a team and wonder what the role of the linesman is these days. They are now some tough matches coming up. Rovers please develop a tough approach.