This was a tough scrap. It was not the free-flowing game many had hoped for but I found it compelling viewing, with Forest Green worth a point.

Plymouth had a sound defence and although Rovers never stopped trying, a goal was not forthcoming.

There were two reasons. Plymouth had studied the Lincoln City handbook of delaying tactics and whenever Rovers looked like establishing some momentum a Plymouth player would collapse injured and it was back to square one.

Secondly, on a day when a moment of brilliant forward play was needed our frontmen were not at their best.

We needed the extra dimension that Elliot Frear can sometimes bring.The match was not well refereed.

The booking of Liam Kitching was a prime example. Liam clearly fouled an opposing player,at most earning a quiet word,but he incident took place in front of the vociferous Argyle fans.

The inexperienced official was clearly influenced by the advice they were giving him.

Not good enough I'm afraid. We must expect more games like the one on Saturday as teams will come here and dig in.

Victories will have to be hard earned and to do that chances must be taken. If only it was that easy!! For those of us who drove to the ground the need of a new stadium was clear. The roads around the ground could not cope.Getting home was a lesson patience which we shall all need as the season moves on. The defeat was a setback but we have the resilience and the ability to overcome it