Saturday was a very sad day. Not so much for the home defeat because they happen.

However, hard to take they are part of the game we love. We have all been there before. We grit our teeth and move on. Saturday was much worse. The racial abuse of a Scunthorpe player following the Joe Wollacott incident taints us all. I had not intended to write about the twitter incident, wishing to deny the sewer rat who posted it, the oxygen of publicity, but Saturday caused a rethink.

Such scars on society can be healed but only by all good folk who work together. The East Stand, where the incident occurred is full of decent people. They will help the club to bring the matter to a proper conclusion.

The players have three very tough games soon and need to approach them with confidence and ambition. Instead much praise is forth coming for outstanding league position and outstanding away form. Anything is possible! However, the referee cannot escape comment.

His first duty is to protect players – this he failed to do. Certainly he issued many yellow cards but did not move to the inevitable red until the last minute of the game He gave a very poor display. It would be churlish not to give a nod to our rivals Cheltenham and Swindon, both of whom won well on Saturday - the end of the season will be very interesting.