STROUD puncher Max Mudway crowned his fourth straight professional victory on Saturday night by staying up late to watch Tyson Fury destroy Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas.

Mudway,24, enhanced his own burgeoning reputation with a comprehensive point win over Jan Ardon at Villa Park, roared on by vociferous support from his hometown and backed by trainer Jon Pitman and manager Jon Pegg, Ardon had no answer to the Stroud man.

“ I have a few things to learn from the fight and the preparation before as well, but that’s what these earlier fights are for and we keep learning and building on each performance,” said Mudway.

“I won all the rounds, I just made it a bit harder for myself than I needed too, but I turned it on in the last round and feel like if there was a 5th or 6th, then I would of stopped him.”

Mudway celebrated his memorable night by seeing Fury put on a boxing masterclass in an epic world title fight. He said: “That’s the best fight Fury has fought. I’m interested to see what transpires with Wilder, because I don’t think he looked great from the start , he just didn’t have his legs under him.”

Mudway will be back in training on Monday as he prepares for his fifth professional fight of his career.

The super welterweight is set to fight on April 18 on Mark Neilson’s Swindon fight card, where he’s due to fight Chris Jenkins.