FOREST GREEN fans react to suspension of the EFL until April 3.

Crispin Thomas

On the plus side one thing's for sure... as long as there's a metre between us they can't stop Subbuteo. I'm just hoping things improve regarding this pandemic in the next 3 weeks, but fear it has a way to go till it peaks. I am pleased however that common sense has prevailed. Some clubs in our league will still struggle cash-flow-wise just with the postponements, However, the practicalities and cost alone of running (plus lack of income) from any behind closed doors games could kill off a few already financially struggling teams. I for one though love the idea of the season being extended by a month or so. Nicer weather, cancel the Euros for a year maybe? But we will have to see if we can finish off the season in all leagues. Big opportunity here for the Premier League and the big boys to help out the small guys.

Callum Chapman

To be fair, I think for once the EFL have made a sensible decision. Having the league paused it better than closed door games.

Stuart Radford

Why go against Government advise. They said such measures would be ok nearer the peak I think this has come too soon.

Paula Mcintosh

Completely sensible decision to postpone these matches. I think this season is at risk of not finishing. How do they sort it out though? Average out points to get an equal points total and base relegation and promotion issues on this? Seems the fairest idea if we get to that. If the whole season is declared void, then that will be interesting. I can see this all going to the courts.

Chris JN Heaphster

I think it is the only choice. Are numbers could drastically get worse than they are and expected to. Like what if the coronavirus actually got stronger or something?

People's welfare is more important than sport.

People can say this is overreaction, but they would probably say that Europe are overreacting suspending all their leagues as well. This is a precaution. Still don't think the government are capable of doing enough.

Lee Pitts

I will wait and see how many get the virus from Cheltenham races before passing judgement, I'd have made matches for season ticket holders only first.

Debbie Hopes

Cannot see it restarting in 3 weeks think season could be over so guess we ended it on a high.

Neil Chandler

I’m surprised, if the Government guidance is right early April will be nearer the height of cases. It seems to heighten the chances of the season not being completed.