Defending champion Mark Allen slammed the organisers at the Scottish Open after he qualified for the quarter-finals.

The world No.7 beat Chris Wakelin 4-1 under the Glasgow Emirates Arena lights, making a majestic fifth frame century break to outline just why he holds the current crown.

But the Belfast potter has been forced to endure a far from desirable schedule this week, criticising the powers that be for their timetabling of the event.

“It does bother me - they could have put me on any slot on Friday and they put me on the early slot, which just makes absolutely zero sense,” the 33-year-old said.

“Some of the stuff they’ve done this week already makes no sense, but what’s the point in complaining because no one ever listens.

“They had John Higgins, who’s a four-time world champion in his home tournament, playing on Table Five today which was an absolute disgrace.

“They’ve put the defending champion on two mornings in a row when it’s not even being covered, so some of the decisions are absolutely laughable but I suppose I should be used to it by now.

“I just rested yesterday because the schedule here has been absolutely brutal to me - I was first on this morning, last on tonight and now first on tomorrow, so I must have pissed someone off.

“My week here this week has been a lot calmer than last year to be fair, and I’m going to wait until the tournament is over before I start to enjoy myself.”

Those grievances haven’t seemed to have affected Allen at the table, however, hitting his potting straps to waltz his way into the last eight and the business end of the tournament.

And with those quarter-final match-ups falling on the same day as a new government may be formed, the five-time ranking event winner said he has little faith in whoever seizes the keys to Number Ten.

“I’ll still have to worry about Brexit and its knock-on effect in Northern Ireland, but I don’t know enough about politics to get involved,” he added.

“I don’t really think it matters who runs the country as they all make mistakes - they all run it into the ground, so I’m not sure it will make much difference.”

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