BEING near a supermarket green space or public-transport links are the most important issues for people looking to rent a home in Britain, according to new research.

But high crime rate, noisy neighbours and nearby sewage works are the most off-putting nearby amenities, the survey from tenant referencing and insurance firm HomeLet has found.

Some 50.9 per cent of respondents said that being near a supermarket was important, 46.4 per cent said a park or green space, 44 per cent said good transport links and 29.3 per cent want shops that stay open late.

Indeed, some 27.7 per cent said that they would pay a higher monthly cost if they were able to be closer to parks and green spaces, while men were more likely to pay more to live near desirable amenities such as supermarkets and public transport link.

The vast majority, some 70.5 per cent, said they would be put off an area if it has a high crime rate, while 64.2 per cent did not want to live near noisy neighbours, 58.9 per cent not near a sewage works, 45.8 per cent not under an airport flight path and 42.7 per cent not near a prison.

Being a former crime scene would put off 37.6 per cent and a death in the property would put off 23.7 per cent while overall, women more likely to be turned off by negative factors than men.

However, people were willing to compromise if it meant a saving on their rent.

For example 41.1 per cent would live in a home with the number 13 in the address if the rent was lowed, 40.8 per cent would put up with a graveyard nearby, 27.8 per cent a motorway and 26.3 per cent a telephone mast.

“Everyone has their own needs and personal tastes when it comes to choosing where to live,” said Rob Wishart, group data manager at HomeLet.

“Whether it’s having green open space or being in the hustle and bustle of a city centre, choosing where we call home can be a huge decision.”