GROUNDBREAKING folk string quartet Methera tour to Nailsworth this week.

Uniting elements of the classical string quartet with traditional European music, this unique ensemble is currently celebrating 10 years of playing together.

“In the beginning, we formed the band out of a longing to explore the sound palette of the string quartet through the medium of the traditional music we were all passionate about,” said fiddler Emma Reid.

“In the first years we would spend days on end playing around with one tune, experimenting with the sound and format a folk string quartet could take.

“Back in the day we were all conveniently based in England, but for the majority of our existence I have been in Sweden, John in Quebec and Miranda on a narrowboat.

“Now, 10 years, eight babies, innumerable house-moves and so many lovely, memorable gigs down the line we have a tighter schedule, which has resulted in condensed, inspired rehearsals with slightly less cake.”

Methera are at Ruskin Mill on Friday at 8pm.