REPORTS are being reviewed about the presence of radioactive substances at the former MoD airfield at Aston Down  following new claims of contamination.

In 2005, the findings of a Land Quality Assessment identified the presence of radiological materials and artefacts in two hangars but campaigners are concerned because only one type of survey - focussing on gamma radiation - was undertaken.

Sally Morgan, of the Aston Down Action Group, said: "Alpha and beta radiation is highly toxic if ingested and not as easily detectable as gamma radiation."

Stroud District Council has confirmed that its environmental health team has been reviewing previously submitted reports concerning the possible presence of radioactive materials.

A spokesman said: "The reports do not directly refer to the monitoring of alpha and beta radiation.

"To ensure that we have the best advice and appropriate action is taken, we are referring the matter to the Health Protection Agency as the experts on radiological matters."