MP Neil Carmichael will attend a meeting to discuss concerns about microwave radiation.

In March, Cambridge University scientist Roger Coghill, co-founder of Powerwatch, spoke to a packed audience at the Old Town Hall in the Shambles, Stroud, claiming that some new technologies can harm health.

Now a follow-up meeting has been arranged on Friday at 7.30pm at the same venue.

It will be a chance to discuss health fears over microwave radiation from mobile phone masts, smart meters and cordless telephones. Organisers say there are nine masts in Stroud and a growing number of public wifi hotspots.

The meeting will discuss:

* Protecting homes and using technology safely ie home plugs instead of wifi.

* Protecting health - nutrition, remedies, clothing etc.

* Protecting children from wifi in schools and helping them to use mobile phones wisely.

* The impact on the environment, bees and food.

* Campaigning to lower mobile mast radiation to align with EU regulations Healthy House from Ruscombe will be represented to answer questions on personal and home protection.

Call Janet Westgarth on 01453 752751 for further information.