CHRISTOPHER Coram's exhibition of rectilinear modernism opens at the Sub Rooms on Tuesday, July 9.

Born in Newton Abbot, Devon in 1948, Christopher is a self-taught artist who has throughout his life painted for pleasure.

In his earlier years, he created Dutch School inspired still-lifes but since the 1980s he has produced work of an abstract nature. More recently he has discovered a passion for paintings of hard-edged rectangularity, a selection of which are represented in this exhibition, reflecting the rectilinear aspect of modern architectural and minimalist interior design.

Christopher has shown his work on two occasions, in the early 1980s at the Bridgewater Arts Centre, and at the Sub Rooms in July 2010, both one man shows. He was a finalist in the National Open Art Competition (Chichester) 2011.

Exhibition continues until July 20.